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Tomorrow’s 15 HR Professions

From anticipation to real transformation

Special note:

This blog post was written in May 2013 and published in French initially. It has been my fourth blog post and the most viewed and shared since the I started my own blog. Previously, I wrote many articles for different jobboards. Finaly, I decided to publish contents on my own.

In the last two months, I received more visitors with this article than ever before. Why? I can’t explain. Nowadays, HR transformation and Cognitive HR are the hottest trending topics in the industry. Or I would say that was an anticipation has begun to be a transformation. So I decided to publish this English version that was stored somewhere. Happy reading to everyone. Happy sharing.

From transactional HR to transformational HR

2020 is not far off.

2020 is still to be defined. Although it has less to be fantasized about than its famous predecessor “Y2K” for the year 2000, 2020 is still a source of anxiety and uncertainty. However, there is a good chance that everything will stay the same as it is now, but more refined.

So here is a little exercise in HR futurology based on emerging trends in the business world and society.

1) VP Human Capital Strategy: the Visionary

Develop a global vision with senior management, guide the company’s strategy within the global constraints and opportunities in human resources, computerize HR services, renew the HR offering and the social contract to differentiate the organization from its competitors, inspire others by his vision, communication and reading of the future.

Plan by taking management of constraints into account (Theory of Constraints by Eliyahu M. Goldratt), develop HR scenarios, prepare a HR Balanced ScoreCard (Strategy Map according to Kaplan and Norton).

(2) VP Strategic « Glocal » Partnerships and Talent Affiliations: the NetWorker

Weave relationships with employment partners (schools, universities, social networks), whether global, local or even “hyperlocal”; create alliances and engage the communities with suppliers, entrepreneurs, self-employed workers.

Identify and form alliances with future and potential talent pools (Blue Ocean Strategy Method according to Kim and Mauborgne), create virtual talent communities.

Internalize or externalize critical resources (head hunting, corporate universities, talent and leadership evaluation, m-learning and e-learning).

3) Director of Organizational Agility and Social Innovation: the Change Agent

Support the organization moving to a “lean start-up” type method of work (Lean Start-up Approach according to Eric Ries) and Lean Manufacturing, to use the least resources possible and promote adapting to continuous change; accelerate the process of innovation, recruitment and leadership development, share the vision and guide leaders toward effective management of social and technical changes.

Oversee and map organizational mutations to translate them into predictive management of operational needs in terms of talents, manpower and succession.

HR Future is bright - Next waves

HR Future is bright – Next waves

Jobs from the HR outreach and differentiation function in 2020

(4) HR E-marketing Director: the Storyteller

Prepare a digital marketing plan for broadcast of the Employer Brand. Develop HR content affecting different segments of employees, candidates and business partners. Use Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing and the multi-channel approach (Career sites and micro-sites, PPC ads, online advertising, virtual communities) to disseminate and promote the organization’s culture and social activities and the services offered by the company to employees.

Develop illustrative and useful content which serves the brand by using the storytelling approach. Content can be paid or shared with organizations having the same issues.

Measure the impact of campaigns and content disseminated on the brand’s influence, its viral effect in its pools and markets, on the brand’s reputation and on the volume and quality of applications.

5) Director of Commitment and Loyalty: the Mobilizer

Measures and improves, together with staff leaders, the climate, index of commitment and satisfaction of individual contributors to the work. Tracks indices of talent loyalty.

Ensures that internal and external contributors find meaning in their work with supervision that practices a mobilizing leadership, knowledge and team cohesion. Coaches managers to mobilize contributors by practicing active talent management.

6) Director of Cultural Development, Ethics and Sustainable Talent Communities: the Curator

Specify the employer’s brand in distinctive features of organizational culture, facilitate cultural communities with social networks (students, professionals, women, immigrants, people at the end of their careers, retirees, expatriates), endorse causes and social involvements in line with the organization’s values and impacts in its environment.

Develop and implement sustainable and ethical human development policies (working conditions in developing countries) which form a renewed social contract.

7) Director of HR Mix: the Composer

Define the best customized HR services to offer employees to demonstrate that the offer is competitive and appropriate at all times to employees and future employees. Develop HR programs based on HR Big Data to adjust the variables and improve individual and organizational performance.

Offer personalized services for employees in terms of working conditions and well-being, compensation, insurance, training and professional development.

8) Counsellor for family-work balance, health, well-being and employment longevity: the Protector

Raise awareness with employees and promote behaviours in terms of balancing work-family-leisure life, health, stress prevention and well-being for all employees in line with the services offered by the company and existing external resources. Write content, initiate prevention activities, encourage all employees to improve health and well-being.

Promote personal learning to ensure employment longevity: memory development, preventing age-related health problems, finding solutions for autonomy of relatives, etc.

9) Overall Compensation and Financial Planning Counsellor: the Protector

Composes customized solutions to finance transitions, projects and employee retirement by ensuring continuity in employment changes.

Anchors employees in a savings and insurance financing system guaranteeing their commitment over time even if they leave and return to the company.

HR transformation is there to stay

HR transformation is there to stay

Jobs from the HR development function in 2020

10) Director of Resourcing and Potential Development: the Sleuth

Build programs for attraction, e-coopting, reference and identification of candidates and potentials in relation with institutions, communities and social networks to prepare its people to qualify for the company with basic skills. These could be students, job seekers, mothers, immigrants and underqualified or underemployed employees.

Encourage new approaches to sourcing candidates such as hyperlocal recruitment, recruitainment, mobile recruitment or crowdsourcing recruitment, the internal head hunter.

Do internal and external talent mining.

Directly create talents by putting in place training and integration programs (internships, mentoring, training) or by promoting the return to work by former employees or the mobility of individual contributors.

11) Immersive work experience scriptwriter: the Geek

Develop all the conditions for evaluation as part of an Immersive Assessment Centre for employees and candidates in real time, with augmented reality and remotely. The skills, personality and aptitudes will be measured for the proposed professions with immediate feedback to participants.

For this, he will use 3D video, Avatars, Serious Gaming, Business Gaming and virtual environments with voice recognition and motion detection. For executives, the assessment experience will be as much a source of learning as helping prepare their development plan.

12) Learning Solutions Architect: the Designer

Identify the best platforms (Company Social Networks, intranets, e-Learning and m-Learning platforms) and the best professional content and leadership to make them available to various internal and external collaborator communities. Ensure that they are compatible with multiple platforms (Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets) to be managed with credits from internal training and enable modular content and development courses to be composed.

Design programs and interactive content that promote continuing education, knowledge creation, collaborative sharing, capitalizing of knowledge and updating knowledge.

13) Professional mobility coach: the Facilitator

Knowing employees’ values, interests, experiences and career wishes to facilitate the connection between open positions and applicants in line with the stage of their career development. This internal job market facilitator stays in contact with former employees to facilitate their exit and return to the organization when career maturation is facilitated.

Assess and prepare employees to emigrate to countries of the BRIC, Asia, South America and any other destinations of emerging economies for successful transition in the region; coach any employees during their integration or reintegration in the company or when transitioning to a new job.

14) Learning community manager: the Digital Teacher

Orchestrate the Enterprise Social Network (ESN) by co-development, during knowledge flow meetings and learning moments.

Promote discussion and collaboration between employees, suppliers and partners. Conduct dynamic training with active and open pedagogical approaches, assess knowledge, provide feedback and encourage participants to renew their learning activities.

15) HR Big Data Mathematician: the Magician

Defines a data collection plan for HR Big Data (HRIS, career site, employee assessments, company statistics, surveys, sales, stock exchange actions, financial statements, etc.), defines relevant indicators, promotes integration of systems to collect more data, processes and analyzes the data to indicate the relationships and variables that explain the individual and collective performance, commitment, sales, efficiency, retention rate, well-being, reputation, etc.

Introduce artificial intelligence and algorithms into software data processing to improve the predictive response to questions asked.

In your view, what are tomorrow’s HR jobs?

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